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Hello IB students! As an experienced IB writer, I’m here to guide you through choosing a topic for your Social and Cultural Anthropology Internal Assessment. You may have already realized it’s more challenging than it seems. As an IB writer and tutor, I’ve seen how the right topic can improve your IA and enrich your understanding of different cultures and societies. So, I give you some Social and Cultural Anthropology IA topics and research questions you can consider.

What Is Social and Cultural Anthropology IA?

This is a crucial component of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme in the subject of Social and Cultural Anthropology. It’s an independent research project that allows students to delve into a topic of their choice related to anthropological concepts and theories.

The IA in Social and Cultural Anthropology allows students to explore an area of interest in depth. It requires them to apply anthropological methods and concepts to research questions or hypotheses. When writing Anthropology IA, you must use primary and secondary sources. Students might conduct interviews, surveys, or participant observations and engage with existing literature and studies in the field.

The IA aims to develop students’ critical thinking, research, and analysis skills, as well as their understanding and application of anthropological concepts and methodologies. It encourages students to research cultural diversity and to gain a deeper understanding of human behaviors and beliefs within a cultural context.

The IA on Social and Cultural Anthropology typically includes a clear introduction of the chosen topic, a methodology section explaining how the research was conducted, a body where the findings are presented and analyzed, and a conclusion summarizing the findings and reflecting on the research process. Students must demonstrate ethical considerations in their projects, especially when dealing with sensitive cultural subjects.

The IA is assessed based on a set of criteria that includes the clarity of the research question, the appropriateness and execution of the methodology, the depth of analysis, and the overall coherence and structure of the study. It’s a significant part of the final grade for the course, emphasizing its importance in the IB Anthropology curriculum.

Social and Cultural Anthropology IA Topics and Research Questions

Here’s a list of Social and Cultural Anthropology IA topics for Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL), each with a suggested research question. You can use these ideas or modify them to suit your needs.

Social and Cultural Anthropology IA Topics

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Standard Level (SL) Social and Cultural Anthropology IA Topics

The SL curriculum is less extensive but similar in content to the HL. The focus is on foundational concepts and key themes in anthropology, with less emphasis on detailed case studies or complex theoretical approaches:

  1. The Role of Italian Cuisine in Cultural Identity. How does traditional Italian cuisine contribute to cultural identity in Italy?
  2. Impact of Social Media on American Adolescent Social Structures. How has social media influenced the social structures among adolescents in the United States?
  3. Evolution of Marriage Customs in India. How have marriage customs in India evolved over the past 50 years?
  4. Comparative Study of Educational Practices in Japan and Finland. What are the differences in educational practices between Japan and Finland?
  5. Urbanization and Its Effect on Maasai Traditional Society. How has urbanization impacted traditional societal roles in the Maasai community?
  6. Role of Norse Folklore in Modern Norwegian Society. What role does Norse folklore play in modern Norwegian society?
  7. Language Preservation Among the Sami People. How are the Sami people in Northern Europe working to preserve their language?
  8. Influence of Tourism on Balinese Culture. What are the impacts of tourism on the local culture of Bali?
  9. Gender Roles in Traditional Moroccan Society. How are gender roles defined and practiced in traditional Moroccan society?
  10. Religious Practices and Youth Participation in Catholic Spain. What is the level of youth participation in religious practices in Catholic communities in Spain?
  11. Cultural Impacts of Syrian Migration in Germany. How has migration affected the cultural practices of Syrian immigrants in Germany?
  12. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Healthcare. How is traditional Chinese medicine integrated into modern healthcare practices in China?
  13. Diwali Festivals and Community Cohesion in India. How do Diwali festivals promote community cohesion in Indian culture?
  14. Japanese Cultural Perspectives on Aging and Elderly Care. What are the Japanese cultural perspectives on aging and elderly care?
  15. Impact of Globalization on Aboriginal Australian Art. How has globalization affected Aboriginal Australian art forms?
  16. French Fashion and Cultural Identity. How does the fashion industry shape cultural identity in France?
  17. Social Impacts of K-Pop in South Korea. What are the social impacts of K-Pop on South Korean youth?
  18. Wedding Traditions in Nigerian Cultures. How do wedding traditions reflect cultural values in Nigerian societies?
  19. Education and Gender Equality in Rural India. How does education influence gender equality in rural Indian communities?
  20. Influence of American Fast Food on Global Eating Habits. How do American fast-food chains impact eating habits in non-Western countries?
  21. Cultural Significance of Tea Ceremonies in China. What is the cultural significance of traditional tea ceremonies in Chinese society?
  22. Preservation of Aboriginal Languages in Australia. How are Aboriginal communities in Australia working to preserve their languages?
  23. Cultural Responses to Natural Disasters in Japan. How do cultural beliefs in Japan shape responses to natural disasters?
  24. Role of Music in Brazilian Cultural Identity. What role does music play in shaping cultural identity in Brazil?
  25. Impact of Western Media on Middle Eastern Youth Cultures. How has Western media influenced youth cultures in the Middle East?
  26. Cultural Significance of Street Art in Urban Brazil. How does street art reflect the cultural and social issues in urban areas of Brazil?
  27. Impact of Mobile Technology on Rural African Societies. How does mobile technology impact social and cultural practices in rural African communities?
  28. Cultural Traditions and Modernity in Japanese Weddings. How are traditional cultural elements preserved and adapted in modern Japanese wedding ceremonies?

These topics and research questions can inspire in-depth study and analysis, which suits the SL students in the Social and Cultural Anthropology course.

Higher Level (HL) Social and Cultural Anthropology IA Topics

HL students are expected to engage with more complex and comprehensive material. The HL curriculum covers various theories, methodologies, and anthropological topics. It often includes more detailed studies of certain cultural practices, institutions, and historical contexts:

  1. Cross-Cultural Examination of Mourning Rituals in Japan and Mexico. How do mourning rituals in Japan reflect cultural values differently from those in Mexico?
  2. Globalization’s Impact on Indigenous Languages in the Amazon. What has been the impact of globalization on the preservation of indigenous languages in the Amazon rainforest?
  3. Cultural Dimensions of Climate Change Adaptation in the Maldives. How are cultural beliefs in the Maldives influencing climate change adaptation strategies?
  4. Ethnographic Study of Urban Homelessness in New York City. What cultural factors contribute to the phenomenon of urban homelessness in New York City?
  5. Rituals and Beliefs Surrounding Birth in Hindu and Islamic Cultures. How do rituals and beliefs surrounding birth vary between Hindu and Islamic cultures?
  6. Gender Identity in Swedish and Saudi Arabian Cultural Contexts. How is gender identity constructed and expressed in Swedish culture compared to Saudi Arabian culture?
  7. Cultural Attitudes towards Mental Health in South Korea. What are the cultural attitudes towards mental health in South Korea?
  8. Impact of Colonialism on Indigenous Cultural Practices in Australia. How did colonialism impact the cultural practices of Aboriginal Australians?
  9. Social Stratification and Caste Systems in India. How does the caste system in India affect social stratification and mobility?
  10. Cultural Connotations of Body Modification in Maori Culture. What are the cultural connotations and meanings of body modification in Maori culture?
  11. Religious Extremism and Cultural Dynamics in Afghanistan. How do cultural dynamics in Afghanistan contribute to religious extremism?
  12. Youth Subcultures and Resistance in Modern British Society. How do British youth subcultures represent forms of resistance?
  13. Traditional Conflict Resolution Practices in Rwandan Communities. How are traditional conflict resolution practices used in Rwandan communities?
  14. Cultural Impacts of Forced Displacement on Syrian Refugees. What are the cultural impacts of forced displacement on Syrian refugees?
  15. Cultural Interpretations of Dreams in Native American Traditions. How are dreams interpreted, and what is their significance in Native American traditions?
  16. Cultural Implications of AI and Robotics in Japan. How are advancements in AI and robotics affecting cultural practices in Japan?
  17. Ethnographic Study of Nomadic Cultures in Mongolia. How do modernization and globalization affect the traditional lifestyles of nomadic cultures in Mongolia?
  18. Gender Dynamics in Scandinavian Welfare States. How do gender dynamics manifest in the welfare states of Scandinavian countries?
  19. Indigenous Environmental Practices in the Amazon Rainforest. How do indigenous communities in the Amazon Rainforest use traditional practices for environmental conservation?
  20. Cultural Perspectives on Aging in Italy. How do cultural attitudes towards aging in Italy differ from those in other Western countries?
  21. Rituals of Passage in African Tribes. What are the cultural significances of rituals of passage in African tribes?
  22. Cultural Diversity and Integration in Canadian Society. How does Canada’s multicultural policy affect cultural integration and diversity?
  23. Religious Syncretism in Brazilian Spirituality. How does religious syncretism manifest in Brazilian spiritual practices?
  24. Social Hierarchy and Class Systems in the United Kingdom. How do class systems and social hierarchies manifest in contemporary British society?
  25. Traditional Healing Practices in Native American Communities. How are traditional healing practices maintained and practiced in Native American communities?
  26. Ethnographic Analysis of Gentrification in Brooklyn, New York. How has gentrification in Brooklyn impacted the cultural and social dynamics of its long-standing communities?
  27. Traditional Agricultural Practices and Sustainability in the Andes. How do traditional agricultural practices in the Andean communities contribute to sustainable farming in the face of modern challenges?
  28. Cultural Dimensions of Mental Health in Indigenous Australian Communities. How do Indigenous Australian communities conceptualize and address mental health within their cultural framework?

HL students conduct more in-depth research, use a broader range of sources, or produce a longer and more detailed report.

The Bottom Line

After all, your IA is more than just an assignment; it’s a window into the diversity of human cultures. Choose a topic you are passionate about, research it diligently, and articulate your findings persuasively. If you do, you’ll be well on your way to success in your Social and Cultural Anthropology IA.

Good luck on your path! Also, keep in mind our expert team at Buy IB IA is here to help you create an outstanding project that perfectly matches your interests and academic aspirations.

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Nick Radlinsky

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